We appreciate your interest for the FUMINCO GmbH and invite you to inform you comprehensively about our company and provided services.


In About us and Team FUMINCO and our employees are introduced. To get to know us better we recommend a look at our company philosophy. Here the basic values and values, on which our actions as service provider, as employee and as human being are based, can be found.


Who we are?

We are an independent and reliable partner for our clients and stand for client specific and holistic solutions in the areas of


  • Mine planning and geological modelling as well as
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ).


Medium-sized and big enterprises in the energy and raw materials industry as well as governmental institutions from the state North Rhine-Westphalia are among our clients.


Every day, under the aspect of our main company values integrity, authenticity and responsibility, we develop innovative solutions for the given tasks, always in close cooperation with our clients. The client is always in focus of our services.


What can you expect from us?

We supply tailored solutions to our customers’ questions and individual concepts for tasks brought to us. You can profit extensively from our competent employees as well as our network of highly skilled and well proven experts. As a young and dynamic company we are highly flexible and therefore we are available for you whenever our support in the terms of geology and mining is needed.


Which services do we offer?

You can find detailed descriptions of our services in the business fields Mining and HSEQ. The selected Projects stand exemplarily for our services in our three business fields. A detailed Reference List as well as a short description of the deployed software can be found in the area references.



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