The CBM GmbH commissioned FUMINCO to develop and perform a training program for GEMCOM SURPAC with a focus on modern sustainable mine planning. It had been part of the project cooperation RAME II with the title “Mining and Environment in Vietnam”. The goal of this project was the improvement of the environmental and working conditions.




The training program was intended for the staff in the environmental department as well as for the executives of the Vietnamese Mining Company VINACOMIN and its subsidiaries. A greater awareness of the staff for the environmental protection should be achieved by the training program, to establish an internal training centre to teach the values of occupational safety and sustainability.




The SURPAC training as part of the training program comprised five days with eight-hour units each day. Aim of the training was to achieve an overview of the field of application of GEMCOM SURPAC and to address the possibilities of the mine planning of open pits and underground mines based on practical examples. Detailled surface modelling, calculations of volumes, borehole databases and geological block models were discussed during the training.