Guiding Principle

FUMINCO is a German Company and actively lives the principles of the European Union and the Germany constitution. This is happening in a close affinity to the original and creative culture of the Occident. The copmany's culture is thus founded upon Christian ethics and the system of values, connected to these ethics. This leads to a social responsibility of the company, which influences FUMINCO's philosophy - even within the limited corporate and economical maneuvering room of a business.

Every employee of FUMINCO significantly contributes to the company's success. The compliance with all laws created to ensure the safety of said employees, third parties and the environment is an essential policy for FUMINCO that derives of both, ethnic and legal principles. That is why FUMINCO defines 'safety' of employees not only as the absence of illness but as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. FUMINCO encourages and supports their employees to contribute their creativity and potential for the mutual success. The company's values are a document of this responsibility.

In order to ensure the safety of the general personality right, the informal self-determination of the employees and third parties as well as the data of clients, FUMINCO is commited by this self-understanding of the company and its employees to exercise greatest care in the handling of personal and project-related data. IT-Security and data protection are vital tokens of quality and competition for FUMINCO.