Since the founding of FUMINCO in 2006, we successfully completed a great number of projects in cooperation with our partners and clients. The following pages shall provide an overview over our portfolio by presenting selected projects. As consulting firm, the confidential handling of the clients data is our top priority. Hence, the presentations of the example projects have been prepared in close cooperation with our clients in order to acquire our clients approval to display them here.Business Area Mining.
In the context of our projects in the area of mining and in cooperation with numerous industrial partners, we were able to accumulate a great amount of experience , primarily in the areas of open pit planning and the layout of large recultivation areas. The spectrum of our services reaches from the geological modelling of lignite deposits in Serbia through the comprehensive mine planning and technical dimensioning of large ore and coal pits (Mauritania, Columbia, India) to the planning of large recultivation landscapes (India, Laos). In the area of the so called “Altbergbau” (historic mining), we conducted extensive digitalisation and interpretation work in collaboration with the RWTH Aachen University, which are the basis for the assessment of possible long-term mining damages in the “Ruhrgebiet” (Ruhr area).

Business Area HSEQ

Our second area of work – HSEQ – focusses on working safety in combination with quality management and environmental protection. Even though this area only recently became one of our working focusses, our employees constantly educate themselves in this area which assures the application of state-of-the-art practices for the provided solutions. An example of our services in this area is the development and deployment of a concept for an annual work safety schooling of the about 1.800 employees of the leading natural gas transporter Germanys.