Occupational Safety

In November 2011 FUMINCO has been commissioned by the Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) with the “Pilot Project for preparation of instruction documentation” (Phase of Project I). During Phase I annual instructions for the staff have been developed, which are an addition to and summarize the operating instructions of OGE.

The concept and the results from project phase I form the basis for the further preparation of instructions in phase II to IV. While the development of the instructions, potential thematic and didactical improvement of the operating instructions of the client should be identified and completed.

Instruction Concept

The instruction concept includes an annual operating instruction of staff. It has a consistent, three-staged structure which was developed in phase I of the project.

The first step is the collection of all relevant sources, used for the development of the instruction documentation. Examples are different regulations, guidelines, standards or information material from insurance associations and the operating instructions of OGE.

The second step is a provided PowerPoint presentation for the annual instruction of the staff of the client. The presentation contains approximately 10 slides, which should be presented in a timeframe of 15 to 20 minutes. The main contents of the operating instruction should be conveyed with the presentation. Within PowerPoint short documentations of the topic are implemented.

Third step is an interactive quiz, which consists of five questions of each instruction topic. The quiz is realized in PowerPoint with a random generator that picks random questions out of a question pool and an automatic link to the next slide. The quiz offers self-control for the staff after the annual operating instruction. Preferably the revision of the topic should be done in teamwork. Within the team main features of the operation and individual experiences of the staff should be discussed.

Instruction construction kit "working on gas lines"

Phase I of the project has been successfully finished in April 2012. Contents of Phase I have been the operating instructions on “Basis information on GHS and CLP Regulations”, “Working on Workstations”, “Working on Gas Lines – General Safety Information” and “Working on Gas Lines – Supervision”. The documentation includes

  • a Presentation,
  • an interactive Quiz and
  • all relevant sources for the operating instruction.

The instruction construction kit "working on gas lines" was developed in the project phases II to IV. It contains thirteen instruction modules actually that all consist of a presentation and a quiz. The themes of the instruction modules are the following

  • Safety  indication
  • Supervisor & coordinator
  • Organisation/communication
  • Involvement/assignment of contractors
  • Fire protection
  • First aid
  • Excavation pits
  • working under gas
  • special component trainees and new employees
  • working with high electrical risk
  • high-voltage affected gas lines
  • coke oven gas
  • working process I (welding (stamp))
  • working process II (pig application)

360° Safety

Additional to the conventional instruction modules in cooperation with the client the so called 360° Safety-campaigns were developed. These campaigns contain a roundup of short texts and pictures about up to date HSE topics. The campaigns pop up on a chosen day on all computers when they are switched on. The aim is to sensitise the employees for a special topic by either shocking them ore making them thoughtful or laughing. In the frame of phase 3 four campaigns were developed dealing with drugs at the wheel, health of back, stress and driving in the winter.