Work Safety

In our view, safe work environment and comprehensive quality management are the basis for long term business success. Our employees’ know-how in these areas, which they have collected during many projects of FUMINCO, should not only be used for internal purposes and the constant improvement of our internal processes and quality assurance.

Lately we were able to use our knowledge in this area very successfully for our clients. That is why we condensed our activities in the field of work safety, health and environmental protection and quality management in our new area of expertise: HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality).

Health and Safety

Custom made solutions for tasks in the area of occupational safety and health protection are the core elements of the business field HSEQ. For example, we developed a concept for occupational safety instructions for a company with 1.800 employees. These measures were supplemented by special safety campaigns, as company-wide contributions for stress management, medicaments and traffic safety as well as back prevention.

The quality of the consultancy services is guaranteed by training and continuing education of a safety engineer under the German VDSI training program (Association of German Safety Engineers). The following list of services describes our portfolio:

  • Development of concepts for the safety and health instruction of employees
  • Impelmentation of concepts for the safety and health instruction of employees
  • Occupational safety and health consulting in the areas of
    • Office and administration buildings
    • Display screen equipment/workstation
    • Open pit mining
  • Providing of a responsible occupational safety officer for the following areas:
    • Office and administration
    • Display screen equipment/workstation
    • Open pit companies


In the area of CBM production experience in this new kind of resource economy was gathered in the two phases of the R&D enterprise "CBM Münsterland" (Phase I and IIA) in close cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University.

In the course of the project "Gutachten mit Risikostudie zur Exploration und Gewinnung von Erdgas aus unkonventionellen Lagerstätten in Nordrhein-Westfalen und deren Auswirkungen auf den Naturhaushalt insbesondere die öffentliche Trinkwasserversorgung" FUMINCO contributed their knowledge in this area ad was able to expand their know-how in many technical and non-technical aspects.

Another area is the development of simulation, analysis and management tools for the optimal and sustainable deployment of resources. An example for the application of one of our software-tools was the simulation of a smouldering fire in a dump in the context of the research project Haldengeothermie. As part of another project, we support the RWTH Aachen in an environmental research project in the field of "Carbon Capture and Storage" (CCS).

Quality and Quality Management

We primarily use our experience in the areas of quality assurance and management in the context of our mining projects. The spectrum of our services reaches from the quality assurance of our own calculations and plans to especially ensure the quality and quantity of our clients’ production. Sustainable solutions and the protection of the deposit have the highest priority in our work.