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In Germany there are 3.5 million companies, less than one percent of them research - an extremely important group. Because only those who research, explore new things and create innovation and growth. Since 2014 the Stifterverband Bildung. Wissenschaft. Innovation. honors research companies for their special responsibility they assume for the state and society, with the label "Innovative through research".

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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Mangement system

"AMS - Arbeitsschutz mit System", (in english: health and safety with system) is a program of the occupation cooperatives to establish a HSE-system in their related companies. Goal of the program is to introduce labor protection into the normal course of operations. Moreover the HSE-system shall be checked regularly and improved constantly. Thus health and safety shall become purpose of daily action and decision making. The effectiveness of the HSE-system can be checked optionally by the responsible occupation cooperative and can be issued by the AMS-certificate.


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As FUMINCO aims for a continuous improvement process in the field of labor protection, we decided for the AMS-certification according to the requirements of the Administrative Professions Organization (VBG). Our company passed an expert opinion in December 2013 and the AMS-certificate was lent to us after the successful audit.


With the AMS-certificate we document that we have a huge concern that our employers not only are healthy at the moment but keep well and fit in the future as well. Our aim is to account for a continuous advancement in health and safety for all of our staff.


VBG gepr├╝ft - AMS - Arbeitsschutz mit System - ILO-OSH 2001, DIN ISO 45001 implemented


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