Guiding Principle

The origin of the word "Glückauf" or "Glück auf" (old german miners greeting) is not clearly verified. This greeting phrase was possibly developed during the ore mining in the "Erzgebirge" in Saxony (Germany) within the 16th century. The meaning of this phrase is referring to the miners who excavated the ore without knowing where it is. They could not foresee whether they would find a lode and their hard work was rewarded.

Often the miners had to climb into the mine before the shift and back to the surface after the shift. For this, the miners wished each other good luck to come safe back to the surface after every shift. This miners greet is still used, for example in the hard coal mines in the "Ruhrgebiet" (Ruhr area).

The origin of FUMINCO is based in the mining industry, which is why the miners greet "Glückauf" was picked as the guiding principle.

"Glückauf" means for us, that we wish our clients and partners luck, contentment and success in their working life. We will perform the work in all conscience for the good of our clients and partners. Furthermore, we know, like the old miners, that only hard and conscientious work can lead us to the desired success and reward. That is what we strive for.

In addition, "Glückauf" means that the health of our employees has a high priority for us. Health does not only mean the absence of disease to us but also physical and mental comfort. Therefore we wish every employee that they leave the office as safely and motivated as they entered it in the morning. This is the only way to be able to provide the best results in the interest of our clients and partners.